Overwhelming Evidence for God

    The evidence for God is overwhelming. It overwhelms me every time I ponder on the beauty of this world, from the exquisite arrangement of petals of a rose

        to the beauty of a moonless night sky filled     with countless stars. I was 12 years old when     the heavens first beckoned, made me gaze at     its unfathomable heights

    I sometimes watch a spider weaving its web and wonder who could have taught it how to create such geometric patterns to instinctively provide itself a habitation of such elegance and symmetry.

        One windy morning, as I was waiting for the green     light at an intersection, my eyes were flooded by     many lights of different hues, - glimmering,     sparkling, transcendent, coming from a tree as its     leaves were hit by sunlight. I sat there transfixed for a moment, until I realized that I had to shift the gear of my car. But I had a glimpse of another evidence for God that showed itself as a thousand separate beams of sunlight.

    Sunsets, I love sunsets. I love to watch the play of colors of the sunlight as the sun fades from view; the colorful hues - pale yellow, russet orange, violet, crimson red, countless hues of each, whose shades change every second until, alas! darkness envelops you. Yet you don't have to wait long for that life-sustaining orb to reappear.

    And now the sun rises again. As it had done during the billions of years of the earth's existence. We are assured that for as long as we live, for millions of years to come and like clockwork, that star will reappear each morning to give us warmth, to replenish the earth, to make possible photosynthesis which is the basis of plant and animal life, to daily remind us of another evidence for God.

    God is good. We have an awesome God who cares so much for us. We have all reason to believe that He exists.

    I am not a scientist. My claim above that God exists by observing nature and seeing His handiwork can be easily dismissed by scientists with their Ph. D's. The cynics would challenge me to present the evidence for God. My belief that God exists, the cynics would point out, had been planted in me by my parents and by the Christian religion that I embraced since I was a child. They would argue that like a computer, I've been programmed since childhood to believe in God and I admit, that's partly true.

    But there comes a time when a man becomes independent in his thinking, when he forms his own conclusions. There also comes a point when he starts asking questions and looks for answers. The evidence for God can be found in published books by some scientists who independently looked for answers themselves.

    Isn't it ironic that great scientists who shaped science as it exists believed in God? Nicholas Copernicus, Sir Francis Bacon, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Rene Descartes, Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle, Michael Faraday, Gregor Mendel, William Thomas Kelvin, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Allan Sandage.

    Great poets, writers, artists and philosophers likewise believed in God: William Shakespeare, Lord Byron, Charles Dickens, Leo Tolstoy, Goethe, John Stuart Mill, J. R. Tolkien, Bach, Handel, Elvis Presley, Leonardo Da Vinci, Beethoven, C. S. Lewis, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Mozart.

    Great statesmen believed in God: Ronald Reagan

    If you are looking for answers, you will find them. Belief in God must not be blind, other than your own perception and observations, proofs that He exists can be explained by varied scientific disciplines. The evidence for God, once you find them, becomes an exhilarating affirmation for the faith that you hold dear. If you are an atheist or an agnostic, you are holding an empty box.

    The Evidence of Cosmology

    The Evidence of Physics

    The Evidence of Astronomy

    The Evidence of Biochemistry

    The Evidence of Biological Information

    The Evidence of Consciousness

    The Bible is God's love letter for us. It contains His words put in writing by men inspired by His Holy Spirit. The accuracy and historicity of the Bible is well-documented. The Bible has the following words about His creation:

    Romans Chapter 1

    19 because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them.
    20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by
    the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse,...

    I felt the need to build this website because of the increasing secularization of America and the rest of the world. My kids all go the public schools. Although I talk to them and explain to them that God created them and that they are not products of chance as taught by Darwinism, other kids don't have parents who disagree with the naturalistic ideas being taught in our schools. Our schools are in a sad state. It's sad because they are run by people whose main goal in life is to further their own agenda. The NEA is an organization of teachers whose aim is noble at first blush.

    Below is a Town Hall forum letter from a visitor who writes what he thinks the real NEA represents:

    "NEA is not a mainstream organization. Most Americans who bother to think these days should realize the NEA is run by radical and liberal elitists and academic leftists who believe they are above the common ordinary American and have nothing but disdain for Christian values, traditional ethics, and patriotism. The NEA has a progressive socialist agenda it dearly wants to have imposed on our nation and has worked steadily for that purpose since it was founded".

    And those kids in public schools will go on to high schools and colleges where ideas like "intelligent design" are not taught. Despite the evidence for God that you can see whenever you venture outside your house, our kids will be bombarded with the claims of evolution without alternative ideas to counter those claims. The evidence for God, which is manifest in creation, won't have a hearing. Why? Because the schools are compelled to teach one thing only: the bogus teaching of Darwinism. According to this theory (hey, the word "theory" is appropriate because Darwinism doesn't remotely explain why and how us, and that's you and me, happened to be.

    The bankruptcy of Darwinism will be unfolded in the pages of this website.

    Like I said, the evidence for God is overwhelming. Of course, people will only believe what they want to believe. And for many people, once the grip of Darwinism has been established, it's very hard to let loose those beliefs. But God in His mercy works in mysterious ways. And if you happened to step into this website intentionally or by mistake, read on. Because the truth about God and the truth about how this God created us needs to be shared.

    I also built (and continually build) this website as a personal spiritual journey...we all walk on this earth and leave either as a success or as a failure. Steve Jobs left this earth as a success; on the other hand, Jesus of Nazareth died as a failure: penniless, abandoned by His friends, imprisoned, and then died slowly through that most heinous of all forms of torture ever devised by man. And then, He was buried in a borrowed grave.    Steve Jobs was a rich man, very, very rich. It was reported that he died with more than 6 billion dollars in his name - that's a lot of change. His friends flocked to him, he lived in mansions and when he was ill, he was treated by the best doctors on earth. And yet, he died all the same way as others. He got buried in a grave his own, at an exclusive mausoleum where his body will be guarded. I think I am a failure and most probably will die a failure. Although I am not poor, I am not rich either. I am going to live in anonymity but I would like to leave something behind before I die. I would like to show that God is great, that He is alive and contrary to a Time Magazine cover (Apr. 8, 1966, Is God Dead?), He is "alive and well". Because if He is dead, I wouldn't be able to live as well because God is my being, He gave me life. If He is dead, I have no being. I am dead.

    At this point of my life, I have a beautiful wife, three beautiful kids. God is so gracious. And this after being a disobedient child almost all of my life. I was rebellious, I hated authority, I hated my Dad and if you hate your Dad, there's a good chance that you hate God also. Because our fathers were given to us by God, we see our father at a very young age to be God's personification. We either adore or hate our father. There's no gray area in that respect. By the same token, we either are for God or against Him. Again, there's no gray area. And we might judge a thief, a murderer, a government official (Matthew) as bad but then, a person could be as bad as he gets but deep within, he's God's child who had lost his way. And yes, we adore a person who is good like all the Caesars were adored, even loved during their time. Hitler was adored, had millions looking up to him, and yes during this time, Obama was adored, even loved by many Americans. My point is: only God is good (Mark 10:18). We derive our goodness from God and only He has the final say whether a man is good or not and only He can judge us.

    On the other hand, when He was on earth, Jesus had the love of a handful of people who deserted Him when he got caught. Nobody came to His defense. Even Peter, someone who was in His circle of friends, denied Him. For somebody who hasn't dared travel away from the vicinity of Jerusalem and Jericho, who had 12 friends who are mainly poor and illiterate, who never wrote a book, who never went to a reputable school, who was born illegitimate (as seen by the Jews in His time), and raised by a faithful stepfather, Joseph, His life was indeed one remarkable life. Jesus died a like a criminal, He was buried like a criminal...Yet that solitary live is evidence for God. Why? Because the Roman empire, the Greek empire, the thousand-year-Reich and all the empires that had come and gone yet this much-maligned Christianity is still here after more than 2000 years. One solitary life, one Who could have been forgotten and unknown is the great difference. And this is the reason why you and me, who put his trust in that solitary life will live forever. That one solitary life is our proof that God is alive and well. We owe it to Him to be thankful for every moment that is added to our age. And to be joyful when "that moment" comes, when we see Him face to face. Praise God!

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